About Us

Dinknesh is an award event that is celebrated annually in March in commemoration of International Women’s Day. The Amharic word ‘Dinknesh’ roughly translates to ‘phenomenal’. The main objective of the event is to inspire and empower Ethiopian and Ethiopian American women. The event aims to create a platform where unsung Ethiopian and Ethiopian American heroines of high academic, professional, business and community service achievements are recognized. Special focus is given to women who come from marginalized and/or minority communities who have had limited opportunities but have made a difference in their own lives and that of their community’s by overcoming various challenges. We believe that such an event to celebrate womanhood and achievement is very important to strengthen the sense of belongingness and purpose. It creates an opportunity for the women to share their stories and inspire others. It is an occasion where their past and current achievements are recognized and celebrated.

Dinknesh was initiated in 2019 by a group of friends who share the same views about women’s empowerment. Due to COVID-19 the first three events, 2020-2022, were held virtually and livestreamed on different media and social media platforms.

Inspiring & Empowering Women!

The Dinknesh Team

Halima BeshirHalima Beshir
Halima Beshir
Halima BeshirEvent Manager
Halima Beshir is a passionate community organizer. She is currently running a DC based nonprofit research organization, Debo Institute. She is also one of the founders of the Ethiopian Center for Peace & Progress and a current board member. At her day job, she is a Software Developer and IT Consultant.
LULET (MIMI) YASSINAssistant Event Manger
Lulet Yassin (Mimi) is an avid community organizer who has served for many years on the board of Virginia based Selam Foundation. She is a self-driven and dependable SharePoint Developer and Certified MS and Knowledge Manager (CKM). She is a loving wife and mother of two boys.
Jemila TessemaJemila Tessema
Jemila Tessema
Jemila TessemaPublic Relations Manager
Jemila is the mother of four beautiful children. She is an Ethiopian American consultant, Developer and IT Trainer. She is one of the founders of Amenim Solutions which provides high-quality IT Skill-based Training and Consulting services.
Seham YousufSeham Yousuf
Seham Yousuf
Seham YousufContent Manager
Seham Yousuf is a motivated and results oriented professional with over five years of experience in delivering IT solutions as a senior business and systems analyst.
Semira Ahmed AbegazSemira Ahmed Abegaz
Semira Ahmed Abegaz
Semira Ahmed AbegazLoan Officer
Semira is an enthusiastic community volunteer with many years of experience in consumer lending, marketing management and business strategy planning.
Fozya NegashFozya Negash
Fozya Negash
Fozya NegashIT Professional
Devoted mother of two children, passionate about community service. IT professional with a solid foundation in business management.