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DINKNESH Award Event

We are thrilled to announce that the 5th annual Ethiopian American women's Award event will be held on March 2nd, 2024 starting at 3 PM EST at the Waterford Event Center in Springfield, VA.

Join us on this epic event of women's empowerment and inspiration!

Dinknesh 2024 - Main Event flyer
2024Dinknesh 5th Annual Event

About This Event

Dinknesh is an award event that is celebrated annually in March in commemoration of the International Women’s Day. The Amharic word ‘Dinknesh’ roughly translates to ‘phenomenal’. The main objective of the event is to inspire and empower Ethiopian and Ethiopian American women. The event aims to create a platform where unsung Ethiopian and Ethiopian American heroines of high academic, professional, business and community service achievements are recognized. Special focus is given to women who come from marginalized and/or minority communities who have had limited opportunities but have made a difference in their own lives and that of their community’s by overcoming various challenges. We believe that such an event to celebrate womanhood and achievement is very important to strengthen the sense of belongingness and purpose. It creates an opportunity for the women to share their stories and inspire others. It is an occasion where their past and current achievements are recognized and celebrated.


Waterford Event Center
Springfield, VA

Speakers, Presenters & Awardees

Our speakers will be announced shortly.

Awardees will be announced live!

Date & Time

Saturday March 2nd 2024
3 - 6 PM EST (Washington DC time)


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  • Balager Restaurant
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This year's event is comprised of exceptionally talented women.

Guests from Past Events

Over the past years, Dinknesh has hosted a diverse group of highly talented and successful women as speakers and panelists.

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Meron Teklu

Dinknesh Keynote Speaker - 2023
Meronne shared lessons from her 1st political campaign trail, being a woman in tech, organizing in the local community, and how we can all be powerful advocates of our Ethiopian American community and larger African Diaspora community.

Meronne Teklu
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Zinet Kemal

Zinet is a celebrated cyber security professional and author of award winning children's books. She shared her journey in transitioning from her legal academic background to cyber security as one of the few women of color in the field.

Meronne Teklu
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Yerusalem Work

Yerusalem shared her original poems and warmed the spirits of everyone in the room. She talked about the exciting journey a woman takes from birth to maturity.

Yerusalem Work
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Tiemert Letike

Tiemert shared a valuable lesson about readying oneself for change and being ready to pay the price of change.

Panelist - 2022Motivational speaker - 2023
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Fouzia Muhsin

Fouzia, a renowned and internationally certified coach and professional trainer, shared the value she gives to seeking knowledge, awakening others so they realize their purpose and transform themselves to achieve great things.

Fouzia Muhsin
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Helina Girma

Helina, as a motivational speaker, trainer, and coach, she emphasized the importance of women and men working together to empower women, advocating that our differences are not barriers but the foundation of our collective strength.

Helina Girma
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Mesi Haileyesus

Mesi is a Human Rights and equity practitioner and global developer who shared her experience with regards to confronting challenges head on, resilience, persisting to overcome and staying positive through it all.

Helina Girma
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Past Awardees

Since its first program in 2020, the Dinknesh Awards event has nominated and awarded exceptionally talented Ethiopian and Ethiopian American women from all walks of life and from around the world.


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